Wear This: Badass Feminist Edition


Today marks an important day for women all over the world. A commemoration of the movement for women’s rights, International Women’s Day allows us to remember that we, as women, have come a long way over the years. With last year’s wave-making Women’s March to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements of today, it’s evident that women are not slowing their roll anytime soon. Seeing females band together to rally behind important women’s issues is nothing but empowering. There’s still so much for us to conquer and we’re not backing down.

In honor of ladies everywhere, I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite female-inspired tees and accessories. Rock these today and every day to show the world what a badass feminist you are.

So who run the world? You already know.

Time’s Up Keychain, $15 at Urban Outfitters

Babe Baseball Cap, $12 at The Style Club

She Came/She Saw Tee, $40 at WildFang

Girl Power Necklace, $68 at SeoulLittle Etsy

Feminin Sweatshirt, $44 at Rebecca Minkoff

Girl Power iPhone X Case, $35 at Shopbop

Overeducated Tee, $25 at The Style Club

Strong Female Lead Pouch, $40 at WildFang

Rebel Rebel Beret, $125 at Cynthia Rowley

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  1. I think all these women’s rights marches are completely justified considering how badly women have been treated throughout all of humanity. Despite all the other huge problems around the world about equality I think the worst one has to be the wage gap. The fact that women earn less than men for working in the same exact job is jut ludicrous. However, sometimes I do think these women’s rights activists go a bit too far. There were reports of women protesting outside their college gates after the college announced they were going to hold a men’s issues campaign to focus on things like suicide but the sheer amount of women protesting against that meant that the college had to call it of. In conclusion, I think that it is way easier to be boy than a girl and I think they should have loads of women’s rights marches but don’t protest against men because after all feminism is not supposed to go against men it is supposed to equality for all the sexes. Thanks for this article.

    1. Thanks for reading! Totally agree with you there – the wage gap is so ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine that this is still even an issue! Especially in the instances where the women are far more qualified for a job and have more experience than the men do, but are getting paid far less. But yea, women shouldn’t stoop to that level to denounce men and what they’re fighting for. We should all support each other equally.

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