Lamia’s Fish Market: East Village’s Newest Hidden Gem

The East Village is home to many trendy restaurants and bars, but nothing on the same scale and caliber as Lamia’s Fish Market. Tucked away on a quiet block along Avenue B, the new seafood restaurant, which officially opened its doors earlier this month, sits inconspicuously with its custom hand-made wooden façade. Upon entering the space, you’re immediately whisked away into a whimsical nautical world hand-crafted with the utmost detail.

The restaurant is the newest venture of Lamia Funti, who together with her husband Marcus Andrew previously owned and operated Moroccan restaurant and hot spot Le Souk in Greenwich Village.

Chris and I had the pleasure of dining next to the feature piece of the restaurant, a custom mural of a mermaid splayed across the entire back wall of the restaurant. It’s highlighted by a large skylight and serves as the focal point of the space. The artwork was custom-made for Lamia’s by New York based sculptor, Will Kurtz and is made entirely of paper maché.

Chris and I started off by ordering a sampler of the oysters – Easy Beach Blonds (RI), Blue Point (NY), Silver Fox (NY) and Summer Love (Canada). The platter comes with tinctures of chili and basil oils, as well as a house-made cocktail sauce and a spice green apple sauce that brought out all of the flavors of the oysters perfectly.

Of course, we had to try out some cocktails, so I selected the Pink Carpet, while Chris ordered the Beachfront Views. Both were made with sake, as Lamia’s is still working on obtaining their liquor license, which made them all the more delicious! The Beachfront Views ended up being my favorite because it has the perfect hint of cinnamon that warms your soul. If cocktails aren’t your thing, there are tons of different wines to choose from, housed in a gorgeous wine cellar in the basement.


We moved on to some appetizers, but with such a robust selection, it was hard to choose just one! We went with the crab cakes as a recommendation and the mizuna and salmon ceviche because we’re both obsessed with ceviche. The crab cakes were small, but hearty and came with a special spicy sauce on the side. They were also topped with one of my favorite herbs, dill, making them unlike any other crab cake I have ever had.

Next, we moved on to the main course, which consisted of seared scallops with a bagna càuda sauce for myself and a grilled prime ribeye with roasted potatoes for Chris. Words can’t describe how delicious these dishes were!

After our meal, we were given a private tour of the space by Dara Young, the designer who had conceptualized and designed the interiors of the entire restaurant from the beginning. She had been working with Lamia on this project for about a year and was even reluctant to open this month because there’s still so much to do. Nevertheless, the space is exceptional! She took us through each of the rooms and explained all of the little hidden details found throughout. I’m not going to go into too much detail – you will just have to visit Lamia’s to see for yourself!


Lamia’s Fish Market is located at 47 Avenue B in the East Village. Click here to make your reservation today!

A special thank you to Lamia, Dara and Lindsey at By Niche for this wonderful dining experience!

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